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 Light Users

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PostSubject: Light Users   Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:46 pm

Light Users

Users of light ,meaning healing and even possibly reflection.

Power catagory:
special techniques (preferd battle tactics)
Prefered weapon:
Apperal/Items carried:

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PostSubject: Re: Light Users   Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:22 pm

Name: Nissa
Age: unknown
species: Cobra
element: Light
Power catagory:high
special techniques (preferd battle tactics) : Nissa prefers to work as her species does with battle through ambush tactics and calm paitence.Using her light powers to render herself all but invisable to the naked eye by reflecting light onto and then against itself and her scales creating a feed back loop that renders her invisable and shadowless.But she can hold this only so long as it takes a nice amount of concentration and is harder to acheive when she is wounded or bleeding.Another tactic she prefers to employ is the production of a heated barrier of light around her physical body and hypnotic light patterns across her body and scales which have been known to render preferd pray helpless ,confused or even calm and unresponcive if viewed for long enough.Though her light powers are heavily used her most dangerous weapons are her claws and fangs both of which are either poisoness or dipped in powederd variant of her own venom.
Prefered weapon: Scimitar and curved blades.
Religion: None
appearance: Nissa as a 18 foot long cobra naga with a toned muscualar but feminin body sporting a lighter sandy color she also sports a large hood which flails open when shes angery or preparing to strike.Withher lower body coiled nissa tends to sit at a 7 foot hight with the rest of herself extended or coiled about her body.She normally would prefer to wear nothing but enjoys tangingling coin like loincloths or covers on her body as well as gold bands on her wrists and rings on the fingers if she wishes.
Apperal/Items carried: She will often carry a sword of her clan and a curved dagger.Normally she will carry nothing else however she has been witnessed or been known to swallow important or useful items only to spit them up during combat while her body is under enough stress for her to regurgitate what she needs easily.
Bio:Nissa is a being from a time long forgotten where she comes from even she is unsure.all she is sure of is that there are no others she has seen none and even the new technology of the world seems unaware of even Nissas existance past rumor and speculation.Living for years as the ruler of the mousdon Nissa was once a cruel creature eating and eating greedily without care of the plights of the mousdon other than there need for food.Which she gave the secrets of growing fresh greens in the damp caverns of her home.Eventually as time passed and the people dwindled and died itwas only then that nissa understood her mistake having been a careless god she had let them down and destroyed them wrather than see them prosper.In a desolent mood with no hope left she was aprouched by several travlers attempting to steal from nissas endless hoard of treasure retriution was quickly handed down and it was from there crying please she learned of another world a land across and endless deasert of water.The new hope arouse that perhaps if she sent her soon to be vassel to the new world perhaps the mousdon could be saved..or Nissa could gain new fallowers and this time she knew she would be more careful listen more closely to there needs..a god gives as much as it takes this must be so.With a new world after all coems new opertunity and one must adapt it is the way it has always been. For many years her mousdon was gone and what remained of the clan Dwindled and finally died offleaving little remaining but a memory of what they had once been.Upon Mudoras return Niss was uncertain how to respond to her how to aprouch her for awensers of this new world.With the mousdon came promiss of the world becoming balanced once more of power and of Nissa no longer going hungery but being worshiped in a way she was meant to be by people who wished to learn from her.Bringing her various treasures with her Nissa gave her new subjects what they needed of her to build a great house one that could protect them and help them build a new empire to save there world.And though Nissa dispeised the cold floors and silence some nights this new place became home and the few disrespectful ones who chose to anger nissa would be eaten it was of coarse only Nissas right though when a few sceintists started to go Missing Nissa had to make a deal to eat the already dead meat given to her or be returned to the desert she had come from.
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Light Users
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