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 Earth Users

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PostSubject: Earth Users   Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:33 pm

Earth users

This topic is for users of the earth powers which means wranging from weak t tough power sets and even basic catagories are coverd here.

Power catagory:
special techniques (preferd battle tactics)
Prefered weapon:
Apperal/Items carried:
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Users   Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:24 pm

Name: Mudora
Age: 28
species:Dusky hopping mouse
element:Earth/ speacilization Sand only
Power catagory:Med/ capable of aplying enough presure to sand in order to create glass.If the sand is wet has been seen able to produce golems of hardened sand however it is seen as being very distracting or even tiring for the user.

Religion: Mudora is from a very old religion subcaagory being the fallowing of a predatory animal.For generations her people preyed to a creature known only as Nissa and offerd it sacrifices on the end of each month on the full moon.Evetually leading to the near extinction of her people other than a few members who still belive in this religion.On her 13th year mudora was offerd up to her beleived god but with some stroke of mercy or plan unsaid by the being she was spared and told to travel to the far lands to understand the world on the other side of the ocean.Having no hesitation in her own beleifs mudora fallowed the words of her god and dug herself a nitch into the new and bussling world of the morrow lands a land of technology and athiesum.
Some key features of Mudoras religion feature meditation thought before action and ruthlessness of striking ones enemy down only when defeated fairly in combat.Other than this they seem to be a free form sect of beleifs similar to monks beleiving in peacve and balance in the universe and that without death there is no life and vice versa.

appearance:She stands a nice 6' even with her tall ears taking up most of that hieght and about two feet themselves.Her legs are strong and bent backwards meaning an easy capability of jumping and fast movement.She bares a long tail with a fluffy tail tip and often wears a basic crossed leather cloth breast cover and ballon pants that come down only to the inward bend of her legs letting her keep easy movment.The cloth is very airy meant for hot temperatures and heated iviroments.her fur is a soft creamy brown and her nose a sweet pink color.Though from time to time she is seen also wearing pants or basic attire when working in the lab or outside the arena or traning area.She sports a golden ring in one ear close to midway up.

Apperal/Items carried:She carries very little when in the battlefield often carryying a basic staff and if nessicary a cloth sack of sand strung across her back for use outside of her home inviroment.When working she carries a small pouch on a belt equip[ed with basic tools and injection flasks.
Mudora came from an unforgiving land where you were likely to easily subcome to famin or heat stroke.At a very tender age she was made aware that she had been chosen to be among the many sacrifices that would be given to Nissa there god and the one who provided them with food comfort and saftey smiting all outsiders that dared to endanger her clan.Upon her 13th birthday the girl acended a rrocky crag of cliff that had been home to there god sense all time her family prepared for there childs bones to be returned to them sometime in the future where shocked upon the childs return with a pouch of rare gems and several scrolls telling the secrets of her clans power gift one of the reasons Mudora had been chosen as a sacrifice was her latent blooming of the power to move the earth a power her clan had once been reveared for.Telling her family goodby she then made her way through the desert never stopping until by 16 she finally reached the saftey of a small port town and worked until able to pay for passage to the new land where she would later meet her friend and fellow science lover nora.Later returning to her home lands Mudora returned triumfant and with a gift of knowlage and understanding of her clan and her own powers for which she offeerd up to Nissa the promiss of new lands and opertunities for her god convencing it to willingly leave the desolit cave system it had long called its home and fallow Mudora to the knew lands in hopes of restoring the gifts of the elments to the world.

Homeland: Mudora is from the sands of NUssar a land of deserts heat and long esxpanses of savanah.

Orginization affiliation if any: The orcistrated group of Nora intent on saving the world by returning the elements to it and hope of bringing down the A.A.C orginization.
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Earth Users
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